Parking Wars

4 Seasons

They tuck tickets under our windshields and clamp yellow boots to our wheels. They are called every name in the book. Some try to run from them. Others try to run them over. They are the people we love to hate. But never before have they been so entertaining. It’s wild drama, surprising characters, hilarious confrontations and even more unpredictable battles as your favorite officers from the Philadelphia Parking Authority and Detroit’s Municipal Parking Department return for more outrageous encounters with citizens who have been ticketed, booted or towed. In these tough towns, the parking enforcement officers have the skills and attitude to get the job done one ticket at a time. 

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“The most unexpectedly entertaining reality series I’ve seen in months”

— Joanne Weintraub, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

“Mighty entertaining”

— The Chicago Tribune

“Particularly delicious”

The Philadelphia Inquirer

“Who doesn’t find fighting a parking ticket to be pure entertainment?”

Metro New York

“The citizens—and employees—of the city of Philadelphia are ... a hoot”

— The Hartford Courant 

“Packed with excitement”

— The Wall Street Journal

“Mesmerizing in that train-wreck sort of way”

— The HollywoodReporter John