King of Cars

2 Seasons

It’s fast rides, roller-coaster wheeling and dealing and crazy costumed salesmen in a Vegas-based dealership run by a 30-year-old hip-hopping car dynasty magnate named Chop – a fast-talking, quick-thinking, salesman extraordinaire, whose wacky infomercials have made him a cult sensation.

Chop’s shop, Towbin Dodge, is the number-one single-point used car dealership in the nation, and there are no limits to what he and his team of costumed salesmen – like Chilly Willy or the Blue Genie – will do to stay on top.

In addition to following Chop’s management of his hugely successful auto empire, KING OF CARS watches Chop juggle his other real-life roles of father, rap impresario, and Vegas player.



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