Family Plots

2 Seasons

FAMILY PLOTS throws open the parlor door to the inner workings of San Diego’s Poway Bernardo Mortuary and goes behind the scenes of one of Southern California’s busiest independent funeral homes – and into the personal lives of its unusual family of staff.

Meet the Wissmillers – three beautiful sisters and their rough-and-tumble, big-hearted dad. Melissa, the oldest sister, is engaged to the boss, Rick, a workaholic and three-time divorcee. Middle sister Shauna is the big-mouthed embalmer and little sis Emily keeps the office running (somewhat) smoothly. Each day is a challenge, juggling embalmings, service arrangements, funerals and comforting grieving families with their own outsized emotions and family battles – never has death been so lively!

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"Three Stars! Missing this would be a grave mistake”

— US Weekly

“Marvelously mad entertainment”

— Globe and Mail

“Morbid? Sure. But still hilarious”

— TV Guide


— San Diego Union-Tribune