Dog the Bounty Hunter

7 seasons | 200+ episodes

This mega-hit series is back! Step into the wild world of real-life bounty hunter Duane “Dog” Chapman. Dog has dedicated his life to making the world a better place by tracking down fugitives and offering them a helping hand – he’s caught over 6,000 and counting. 

DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER follows Dog’s heart-stopping adventures in the company of his wife Beth and fearless posse that includes three of his own children as they put their lives on the line, yet still find time to take care of their families and communities.


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“It's quite a hoot”

—The Hollywood Reporter

“Inescapably entertaining, and something truly different in the world of reality TV”

—Concord Monitor

“They are the new American Gothic”

—Globe and Mail

“Pretty darn colorful”

—The Mercury News