about hybrid films


Hybrid Films has built a stand-out reputation for innovation and excellence in documentary and character-driven reality television. Our hit series have aired all over the world. The New York Times calls our work “brilliantly slick and compelling” and The New York Post hails it as a “new standard in documentaries.”

Since 1995 we have produced hundreds of hours of powerful, award-winning television series and development for broadcasters including: A&E, HBO, CBS, VH1, Oxygen, Court TV, the BBC, Channel 4 UK, Channel 5 UK, and more. 

We have had incredible success in ongoing documentary series that go behind the scenes of different workplaces and institutions, or follow the real-life dramas of larger than life characters. Powerful, dramatic and humorous – our work has been recognized for breaking stereotypes and allowing the viewer to walk in the shoes of the people we follow.

Hybrid has significant experience in filming series in a way that is ultimately sensitive to the workplaces and lives of those who share themselves with us on a daily basis. 

We are privileged to have been trusted with unique access filming series inside various police departments, including the highly sensitive areas of hostage negotiation, homicide, or emergency tactics and rescue inside the NYPD. Our work has taken viewers behind the scenes of a variety of worlds, ranging from municipal parking authorities to life and death medical work, from car dealerships to the daily running of a grand hotel, from funeral homes to the wild world of bail bondsmen and bounty hunters.



Executive Producer, Director & Founding Partner

Prior to launching Hybrid Films, award-winning filmmaker Daniel Elias worked with PBS as an independent documentary producer for the MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour and was nominated for the Peabody Award in broadcast journalism. Daniel has produced and directed award-winning documentaries on the degradation of Florida’s Everglades; environmental devastation and the arms industry in Eastern Europe; NAFTA and human rights abuses in Latin America; and Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus. Daniel grew up in England and studied law at Cambridge University before graduating from the film and TV program at New York University.


Executive Producer, Director & Founding Partner

Prior to launching Hybrid Films, David Houts produced and directed a variety of programs on economic, current affairs, and health care policy issues for the PBS series Adam Smith’s Money World, as well as for the Lifetime cable channel. He also edited The Last Dance, a documentary portrait of survivors from New York’s golden age of jazz. David first worked as a researcher on several Bill Moyers documentaries for Public Affairs Television. David grew up in central Pennsylvania, graduating from Oxford University with a degree in politics and economics.